De pronto la golpeó un rayo de luz de manera contundente-
Nunca fue cuestión de si él la quería o no la quería.
La cuestión era si ella era lo suficientemente buena para lo que otros esperaban de él.

Life 101

If you run to the bus stop as fast as you can, the bus will arrive late.
If you leave home with plenty of time and walk at a casual pace, the bus will have left early.

I should probably get dressed before I go to work.

Cuando alguien que amas está enfermo el tiempo sí que pasa lentoooooo.

Me BabyBoo not feeling happy to-day mommy left me at doctors i feels so hot n drys my tongue hurts i want mommy or papa to pix me up where is mommy where is papa why my beautiful body hurts why???
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Photo Credit: @queene99 
#green #recycle #superhero #captainplanet #Ventura

Photo Credit: @queene99 
#green #recycle #superhero #captainplanet #Ventura

We got lots of work done today brainstorming ideas for a Recycling project. Also with the help of @jasminefl0wer
#superheroes #marvel #californiagirls #happyfaces #ventura

We got lots of work done today brainstorming ideas for a Recycling project. Also with the help of @jasminefl0wer
#superheroes #marvel #californiagirls #happyfaces #ventura


This guy keeps appearing on my Facebook search results even though I’ve only visited his profile a handful of times over the years, I even deleted my search history, and although my niece has his same initials and I view her profile often, he still appears ahead of her.

I went so far as to create a fake account very similar to his and visited my real profile dozens of times, trying to get it to list ahead of him, to no avail.

The thing is, I would have sent him a “friend request” since a long time ago, (though the only friend requests I ever risk initiating are for cousins) except he is with his girlfriend on his profile picture and I don’t think I want to look at that every day for the rest of my life.
It makes my stomach hurt for some weird reason.

Except that because he already appears in my search results, I am exposed to the picture anyway, so I wonder if he’s visiting my page on purpose, knowing I’ll see him happy with his girlfriend and he derives some sort of pleasure out of knowing it hurts me.

I’m probably reading too far into this but sometimes I wonder if it might be better to just block him.
But it would be so obvious, that’d be embarrassing too.

El día que decidí amarte
El cielo azul lucía,
Las sombras brillaban,
Las flores se mesían.
Nubes de algodón
Nadaban cómo ballenas.
El corazón decía
“Vivir vale la pena.”
No existía reloj
Que llevara prisa.
Veía a mi alrededor
Sonrisa tras sonrisa.
Pero faltaba una-
No daba con tu labios.
Amar es para ingenuos
Doler es para sabios.
Tarde o temprano
Vuelve a caer la luna.
El día que decidí amarte
Cayó cómo a la una.

I go to sleep
To the sound of
You don’t want me around.
I wake up
To the light of
What happened to our love?